Who And Why Might Need To Promote Subdomains

Who And Why Might Need To Promote Subdomains

26 November 2020
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In our practice, more and more often it becomes necessary to create and promote a site on a subdomain. This is due to the ease of use, the presence of trust from the main resource, and the ability to promote branded goods or services on the official platform. But the main reason is still the commercial orientation and the authority of the link in the eyes of users. The need to make the site even more convenient and understandable for visitors.

What could be the reasons for creating a subdomain

With the constant development of commerce on the Internet, the need for quality demonstration of new products is growing. Intltech promotion specialists organized child pages in almost all relevant cases:

What could be the reasons for creating a subdomain

Promotion of a new product (or service)

For example, there is a website for confectionery manufacturers. They launched a new line of special sweets, the composition of which is not repeated by any of the manufacturers in the country. To tell in more detail about a new product, insert useful information for wholesalers, promise favorable terms of cooperation – it will be enough to create a page on a subdomain. No, of course, on the main site there will also be a mention of the new product, but, as practice shows, the format of such blocks does not allow demonstratively describing all the advantages and acquainting customers with a new product.

Moving forums and blogs to a subdomain

The most popular representatives of this item are forums and blogs. For pages actively used in communication, it makes sense to create a “federal state” on the basis of the main site. There are several advantages here at once: for users, indicate the difference in sections; 50% chance that the main site will not be banned if a forum or blog is bombarded with low-quality links by some malicious spammers.

For advertising campaigns

Conducting promotions and loyalty programs that require additional interaction with users. For example, there is a well-known car brand that has decided to generously sell a certain model. A subdomain is created on it with a description of all promotional information with triggers, feedback forms, counters, etc. what the designer (marketer) has enough imagination for. Ads are launched on the same page. Preparing a context for a catalog with all models of an auto brand is not the best idea if you need to sell a specific product.

Splitting a directory into several

Although this is becoming less common, we recommend that our clients not resort to such measures, nevertheless. Finding such options is not so difficult. Particularly popular is catalog division in online stores. For example, clothing catalogs are divided into subdomains: women, men, and children. Or brands endure.

The division into regional subdomains of the siteThe division into regional subdomains of the site

Relevant for large companies that have a network of branches. For example, a fast-food chain with home delivery. Users can get to the main resource and through it go to their city, which is located on a subdomain. There will be less confusion here, it is possible to include the specifics of regions and demand in the cost of the menu. Indicate contacts relevant to the current city.

If you have another reason for creating a subdomain – indicate it in the comments, we are interested in discussing more options with you!

Before creating a subdomain on your site, think about whether a category is enough for this?

Directory or subdomain

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider it from three sides: expediency, the complexity of implementation, further prospects.

If you want to separate unrelated or unrelated information to the main site, this is a good argument for creating a subdomain. However, if the main goal is to separate categories of typical products, to separate out comprehensive thematic information for the entire site, or to “simplify” the optimization process, this is a bad idea.

How a subdomain differs from a directory

The most commonplace is from. Let’s remember our example: blog. bryteck.com (this is a separate page). bryteck.com/blog – is already considered a directory.

Subdomain features:

  • a separate site for which you need to create your own database, connect CSS and js;
  • you need to create a sitemap;
  • you can connect to a separate server;
  • you need to separately connect analytics services;
  • Search robots are ambiguous and sometimes find fault.

It’s different with directories:

  • the daddy (directory) is simply added to the site section;
  • one server with the main project;
  • some analytics systems;
  • search engines are perceived as part of the site.

In fact, a subdomain is a site within a site, a directory is a section. The first is more difficult to implement, requires more time, attention, and promotion strategy, while the catalog already has an acceptable template in most cases. By promoting a directory, you are promoting a site. By promoting a subdomain, you are promoting a subdomain. This is important in determining the direction of development and achieving the desired goals.

Subdomain and SEO: organizational features

Intending to promote a separate business branch with the corresponding URL, many adventurers ask themselves the question: how much are the subdomain and the main site connected? Are these two separate projects, or is it the whole and the particular, having an influence on each other? There are many assumptions on the Internet about this, but not a single confident statement.

Subdomain and SEO: organizational features

From the point of view of logic: the owner is one, the piece of the domain is also one, the information is often duplicated, but how do search engines perceive them? We cannot say for sure, since there is no official information, there is only experience, experiments, and conjectures. It turns out that the subdomain is perceived as a unitary resource, but closely related to the main site. It still depends on the organization and presentation of one or a network of subdomains.

Features of promoting child pages

Intending to organize SEO into subdomains, you need to think over the structure with high quality, choose semantics and optimize it for a full-fledged resource. In the case of creating a child branch, there are ample opportunities for webmasters, but at the same time, there are a number of limitations. As, for example, you cannot use the same key queries that are already involved in the main resource. Even if the topics are very close, you need to create separate unique semantics based on the needs of the target audience and competitors. But not on the semantic core of the main resource. You can look into it in the event that you want to exclude repeat options. If you disregard this “law” of the search jungle, there is a high likelihood of getting sanctions or even banning the entire network of subdomains. You don’t want the position of the main project to suffer, do you?

Pay attention content

If you want to promote a subdomain separately from the main resource, make sure that it has unique content. Otherwise, there is a high probability that search engines will link the two projects into one and further optimization of a separate branch will be difficult. For regional subdomains (if it is a commercial site), the content is not so important, it is enough to use the name of the city in the text. It is important to indicate in the Google Directory the address of the regional office and confirm it.

A few words about linking

So, if you create a grid of subdomains in order to promote the main site, then you need to follow a well-organized internal linking. In the header or footer of all side branches, you need to put end-to-end links to the main aggregator. Exactly as on it, put links to child branches.

But the option in which the main page of the site does not link to a subdomain in any way allows you to create a unitary maximally independent project.

Everything should be comfortable

When deciding on the issue of a separate section, organize the navigation and the logic of building blocks in a quality manner. Whether it is promoting subdomains by region or introducing a section with a forum, the user should be comfortable using the information provided, it is pleasant to be on the project pages. Why else is this all started?

Everything should be comfortable

Moving a subdomain to the main domain

This topic requires a separate article, but in short, it is a very risky and time-consuming process. Moving from a subdomain to your main domain affects SEO. This can lead to a drop in positions, loss of traffic, and other unpleasant consequences that should be taken into account. With the correct organization of the move, you can quickly restore the tone of the resource. An ill-considered transfer will nullify all efforts and you will have to start all the optimization work all over again.

So is it still worth taking out partitions to subdomains?

The correct structure and division into semantic blocks will allow you to better provide information for visitors. In a sense, this will improve the structure of information for analysis for the SEO and marketing department, will allow optimal allocation of the company’s resources, even experiment with the influence of various systems and tricks.

From an SEO point of view: you need to pay attention to the conditions. This is what the division of the project into child blocks is for. From this, a promotion strategy will be formed, as well as recommendations for creating a design, logic for building navigation and menus.

Be sure to first conduct a competitor analysis, evaluate technical capabilities, and correctly build usability on layouts.

If you’re worried about rankings, traffic, and other relevant metrics, check with your webmasters. If they cannot recommend an unambiguous optimal solution, consult our specialists. Based on many years of experience, we organized regional website promotion by subdomains, promoted individual pages of products and services, and created landing pages for the promotion of specific unique products. And we can help you organize the move to your main domain correctly.

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