What Is Web Development in 2022

What Is Web Development in 2022?

25 November 2022
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What Is Web Development in 2022Did you know that the first website was created in 1991? These days, however, there exist more than 1.15 billion websites! All of them have been created with the help of web development.

But what exactly is web development? And what are the latest web development trends? Well, check out this article to find detailed answers to these questions!

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About Website Development from A to Z

First of all, how about going through the most important information on web development? Namely, let us check out its definition, main types, components, and process.


To put it simply, web development is the process of creating websites. Yes-yes, as easy as that. In other words, web development might be defined as everything that is related to the creation and maintenance of a website.

At the same time, however, it is essential to mention that web development is a complex notion that might be divided into several types, includes a number of components, and involves a complex process.

Main Types

There exist three main types of web development, namely:

  • Front-end development;
  • Back-end development;
  • Full-stack development.

Front-end development is the creation and maintenance of the user-facing side of the website. It mainly deals with the way a website looks and feels. Oftentimes, front-end development includes website design, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX).

Back-end development, in its turn, is the creation and maintenance of the server side of the website. While being entirely technical, it primarily focuses on the website’s code, performance, and speed.

Full-stack development is a combination of front-end and back-end work. Therefore, it includes the most complex and voluminous tasks for web developers.


Any web development consists of numerous components, such as:

  • Content management system. It helps to organize and support various parts of a website (including metadata) and, therefore, makes it easier to navigate across it;
  • Web hosting service. It allows a website to be visible on the Internet and maintains every web page on its server. Moreover, the web hosting service is responsible for the high-speed internet connection of the website;
  • User experience (UX). By means of including the whole bunch of elements, such as accessibility, usability, and efficiency, the UX of a website is one of the most important things to draw traffic;
  • Mobile-friendly adaptation of a website. It optimizes a website for different screen types and sizes, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. In other words, the mobile-friendly adaptation of a website leads to accelerated mobile pages and, therefore, improves the UX of website’s visitors;
  • Call-to-action (CTA). While being a button that encourages to perform a certain action on a website (for instance, starting a trial or subscribing to a newsletter), CTAs might function as powerful psychological triggers;
  • Images used on a website. In the case of being carefully chosen, images used on a website might make it look way more attractive and interesting;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). It helps a website to rank higher in Google, Bing, or any other search engine and, therefore, reach a greater percentage of a website’s target audience and generate more traffic;
  • Testimonial page. It is probably the most suitable place to showcase and market a product or service a website offers. It plays a crucial role when it comes to building trust between a website and its visitors;
  • Social media integration links. They do a great job when it comes to the promotion of a website and increasing its search engine ranking;
  • Analytics of a website and social media audit. It is just as important as any other component mentioned above since it helps to gain insights into how well a website performs and, therefore, figure out things that still need to be changed or optimized;
  • And so on.

Each above-mentioned component should be taken seriously during the creation and maintenance of a website. Only by means of putting much effort while working on them all can a web developer come up with good-looking, easy-to-use, and attractive web pages.

Process Web Development 2022Process

Website development is usually based on a complex process that includes the following steps:

  1. Development of a plan. Above anything else, it is necessary to develop a detailed plan for a website’s creation and set up specific goals you would like to achieve;
  2. Creation of a sitemap. After defining your goals, it’s high time to plan a preliminary layout of a website by means of creating a sitemap;
  3. Purchase of a domain name. Once you have a clear sitemap, how about thinking of your website’s URL and registering your domain name? While doing so, try to associate it with your brand, as well as make it as short and easy to remember as possible;
  4. Back-end coding. There exist different programming languages that might be employed by a web developer while creating the server side of a website;
  5. Front-end design. As soon as the technical part of website development is ready, it is necessary to think about the best WordPress themes, color palletes, font choices, navigation layouts, and a great number of other elements of the user-facing side of your website;
  6. Launch of a website. The last step of the web development process is an actual launch of a website. It might be a good idea to start using a website in testing mode before making it visible to all Internet users.

These are the basic steps all web developers provide while creating or maintaining a website. However, they might be profoundly extended in different directions. For instance, an additional step within the website development process might be the usage of progressive web apps to enhance the overall user experience of a website.

Web Development Trends in 2022

After discussing the most important information about web development, let us delve into 2022 web development technology trends. Below, you will find ten tendencies that prevail among aspiring web developers these days!

#1. AI-Powered Chatbots

One of the essential positions on the list of top web development trends is occupied by AI-powered chatbots. While being smarter versions of regular chatbots, they use natural language processing web technologies and machine learning to understand the intents of website visitors better and provide them with a human-like experience.

In most cases, AI-powered chatbots have the following characteristics:

  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Behavior analytics capabilities;
  • FAQ-answering abilities;
  • And so on.

Moreover, they also know how to connect a website visitor with the right human assistant and might take orders.

#2. Motion UI

While being a special front-end framework, motion UI helps to create fully-responsive web designs. This web development trend follows the idea that a website should not only be informative but also attractive.

The main components of motion UI include custom animation integration and CSS transition sourced from the SASS library with an array of animated elements. Thus, it offers a website visitor an enjoyable experience.

#3. Push Notifications

Push notifications might be defined as clickable pop-ups that appear on the screen of a website visitor. They usually convey relevant information (for instance, special offers).

While being one of the most favorable features of progressive web apps, push notifications help to attract attention and increase retention rates. Therefore, they are extensively used by a great number of businesses.

#4. Dark Mode

After being introduced a few years ago, dark mode is one of the mainstream website development trends these days. It is characterized by a dark background of a website with light UI elements on it.

According to a recent survey, a vast majority of Internet users prefer dark mode (if compared with light mode), both on desktops and mobile devices. Thus, this trend is an inevitable part of the web development industry in 2022.

#5. Voice Search Optimization

Making the content of a website compatible with voice queries is one of the most advanced contemporary trends. The main reason for it is that the number of voice searches is growing fast since people do not want to spend any extra time looking for anything on the Internet.

Therefore, voice search optimization of a website can profoundly boost its position in Google, Bing, or any other search engine (especially if you go multilingual).

#6. No-Code Development

Nowadays, the so-called no-code development (or at least low-code development) gains more and more popularity. They help to create a website with a simple and, therefore, understandable architecture.

One of the main reasons why more and more businesses adhere to no-coding development is the speed with which websites might be created and maintained. With a professional web developer, you might come up with a new website exceptionally quickly!

#7. Serverless Architecture

Not only the above-mentioned no-code development but also the serverless architecture of a website has become a trend in 2022. It is a technology that allows a website or a web application to be hosted by cloud-based solutions.

Thus, serverless architecture helps to avoid system overloading and data loss. It also does a great job when it comes to the reduction of development costs.

#8. IoT (Internet of Things)

While being a network of internet-enabled devices where data transfer does not require any human involvement, IoT is one of the most favorable trends in contemporary web development.

By means of fostering constant data transferring, IoT helps businesses to get engaged with their customers in a swift and personalized manner. As well, it has the power to create advanced communication between different operational models and website layouts.

#9. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is definitely a trend of the future. By means of simulating the experience of a three-dimensional image or environment, it is exceptionally popular these days.

Thus, the employment of virtual reality within your website might attract great traffic to it. As well, it has the power to profoundly improve the UX of your target audience.

#10 Cybersecurity

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning cybersecurity. While being defined as protection from information disclosure, this trend will never go out of fashion.

Therefore, such elements of cybersecurity as privacy policies of your website will definitely help you to generate more trust among your potential customers.

Final Words

All in all, web development is an inevitable part of every business that would like to be present on the internet. Therefore, feel free to adopt the above-mentioned trends that define the future of web development to make your website attractive, modern, and popular!

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