15 Best Local SEO Tools

15 Best Local SEO Tools

7 July 2022
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15 Best Local SEO ToolsSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective tool to boost website ranking and increase the natural flow of site visitors. By picking the most beneficial keyword ideas and adding them to the descriptions, articles, etc., of the webpage, it is possible to improve organic search results for an impressively durable period. And even though it may seem like an unreal task (primarily if you have never worked with SEO), even a newcomer in this sphere may reach pretty good results if they are determined and inspired enough.

So, for all our digital marketing enthusiasts, we present the best free SEO tools list along with some well-performing paid ones. Search engine optimization is not as complicated as it may seem at first; start learning more about them today and boost your success to unbelievable levels!

What Is Local SEO and Why Does It Important for Search Engines?

As we have already mentioned, SEO’s main purpose is to improve the website’s ranking in Google’s search results. Thus it is pretty straightforward and understandable that local SEO works on attracting the attention of local online users; this SEO strategy component is especially helpful for businesses that have physical offices and would like to gain more customers.

However, don’t forget about one crucial nuance: in order for local SEO performance to be positive, the overall SEO needs to be strong as well (both on-page SEO and off-page SEO). And be ready to wait as this promotion method is not something that starts working right after the beginning; sometimes, up to six months may be required to see the performance of your strategies. That’s why all the aspects should be considered while working on it; some of the most important ones are:

  • Keywords research;
  • Backlinking;
  • Page speed optimization;
  • Content marketing strategy;
  • And numerous others.

In order to keep track of everything crucial, digital marketing specialists recommend using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework; by using it, it would be much easier to set goals, see the progress, and understand the following steps to your successful SEO strategy.

Why Is Local SEO ImportantWhy Is Local SEO Important?

If you want your business to flourish and develop, it is crucial to try new things and ways of its improvement constantly. Just like that, local SEO is a perfect option for those who would like to attract new potential customers to their website or to keep the current ones hooked and interested. Plenty of webmaster tools are available for specialists with different levels of knowledge, so even the beginner can quickly start their improvement with their help.

However, in case you are not among those who like to deal with new things, there are a lot of experienced specialists whose services you can use. And not just for SEO! Choose your request and learn from an expert:

  • What is SaaS?
  • How to create a selling description for a product?
  • PaaS vs. SaaS?
  • How does the search console work?
  • Etc.

Ask whatever you want; it is people’s job to provide you with first-class services. And just like that, you will start your journey to the TOP of Google search results. But if you are not ready for something as serious as this – no worries. Below, we prepared the list of the best SEO tools for beginners and more experienced audiences, so you can choose whatever you like to practice!

Paid and Free SEO Tools for Your Website

A well-picked SEO tool is a massive part of the success of a whole development campaign, so we would like to talk more about paid and free options you may use and try to optimize the SEO metrics of the web pages. Of course, we are going to discuss all outstanding variants briefly, but you can always search for some more information online if something catches your eye. So, without further ado, let’s start.

#1. Google My Business Google My Business

Price: Free

As Google is the most popular search engine, Google My Business is a must for anyone who would like to interest users in their services/products. This one is among the most popular options among free tools (once again, because of the positive reputation of Google itself). If you make people interested by adding all essential information to your account, uploading attractive photos of the company, describing all the fantastic benefits you offer, as well as placing some positive reviews from previous customers, you will intrigue potential leads and make them click the link to your website.

#2. Ahrefs Ahrefs

Price: Starting at $99/month (depends on the features you need)

This variant is a little more expencive than others on this list, but it is totally worth the money! Using this tool makes it possible to look for related keywords people use in their queries, check out competitors, audit the website, track your own ranking online, and perform many other helpful tasks. This option has a huge toolbox, so it can be a little challenging for those who have never worked with search engine optimization, so it is more suitable for experienced users.

#3. Bing Places Bing Places

Price: Free

Just like in Google My Business (GMB), this tool is great for inexperienced users and those who just need to promote their website slightly. By choosing it, you choose a great place to place all vital information about your business, add keywords that will quickly get you to the top of search engine results, and create a positive impression about the company in general. Of course, this one is not as famous and well-known as Google My Business, but it is still one of the best free SEO tool to learn more about this part of digital marketing and experiment to get to a new level. Some specialists say it’s a great alternative you should try before GMB.

#4. Moz Local Moz Local

Price: Starting at $129/year (suits perfectly for small businesses)

This toolbox has fewer instruments compared to other tools for technical SEO analysis; still, it’s enough to list your business on multiple websites, track its reputation, get rid of duplicates, and so on. In case you still doubt whether Moz Local is worth paying for, choose a free trial option and check out your listing score; with its help, it is possible to see the placement of the website in terms of local SEO positions, as well as to learn more about the options to boost it in terms of search engine optimization.

#5. Georanker Georanker

Price: Starting at $99/month

Perform excellent competitor analysis, check all the crucial data, and use it to rise above your rivals. A remarkable growth rank will demonstrate your position, your desired placement in ranking, and the ways to get to it. In this way, you will become first in your field in no time!

#6. Yext Yext

Price: Starting at $199/year (typically for 30 basic listings)

Basically, this is a tool to manage the search, listing, and reputation of the business. However, all tools that provide impressive results and a fast boost to the company it’s not free, and you will have to pay for them. But it’s totally worth it, as Yext gives the opportunity to reach high authority networks and significantly boost your business.

#7. Google Search Console Google Search Console

Price: Free

Manage and monitor the search presence of your business on Google. Study users’ behavior, learn more about local keywords with the help of the keyword research tool, and boost your organic traffic by using everything you’ve discovered on the site. Knowing what people are interested in makes it much easier to give them everything they need.

#8. BrightLocal BrightLocal

Price: Starting at $29/month (a 14-day free trial is available as well)

The toolbox for this SEO variant includes plenty of beneficial instruments, such as link building, rank checker, Google My Business audit, and many others. The only thing we would like to warn you about is that BrightLocal is not really suitable for corporations; however, small businesses with three to five locations can benefit from it greatly. Increase your visibility easily and without too much effort.

#9. Apple Maps Apple Maps

Price: Free

In order for the local SEO efforts not to go to waste, it is crucial to remember to boost it for users with various devices (the world is getting more and more mobile, and we should use this knowledge to get to new levels of success). The only thing you should be aware of is that the registration on Places on Maps is required to verify your business; it doesn’t take a lot of time and is pretty similar to GMB working principle.

#10. Schema Markup Generator Schema Markup Generator

Price: Free

One thing about computers and search engines is that, even though they are extremely helpful and effective, still sometimes they are not able to choose specific keywords that are native to the way a person speaks. And SMG is able to assist with that; it is a computer language, the primary purpose of which is to create schema microdata and place it into HTML script to make the website more relevant for search engines and, as follows, boost the ranking of the site. This feature makes Schema Markup Generator a valuable tool to promote any business to new levels.

#11. Local SEO Checklist Local SEO Checklist

Price: Free

The best thing about this webpage is that it includes a step-by-step checklist (30 steps in general) that help you make sure the website doesn’t have any flaws in terms of SEO. All problems that can negatively affect the strategy (starting from broken links and ending with a weak search volume of a particular keyword) will be highlighted so that you can solve them as soon as possible.

#12. Screaming Frog Screaming Frog

Price: Free (however, to have no crawl limits, it’ll cost $250/year)

This is the best option for those who need an in-depth onsite audit to see which areas of the site need to be improved. A special SEO crawler will check all, even the tiniest, parts of the website to see whether there are any errors, page blocks, duplicates, and other factors that may affect search engine rankings. Keyword analysis can be performed with the help of this tool as well.

#13. Synup Synup

Price: $30/month (per location)

By using just this one tool, it is possible to scan, edit, and analyze NAP listings of the business. An automated review responses feature works perfectly to keep track of people’s experience with your business to ensure they have no complaints about the service. By the way, a high review ranking is crucial when it comes to SERPs, so we wouldn’t recommend ignoring it if you dream about success.

#14. Growth Bar Growth Bar

Price: Starting at $29/month (for small businesses)

Those who work with SEO data will notice the lack of capability immediately to work with link-building; that’s a fact; however, there are plenty of other beneficial features that are by no means less important for a business’s growth. It includes backlink auditing, keyword analysis, content creation, etc. You can add this tool to your chrome extensions to always keep track of your improvement.

#15. Whitespark Whitespark

Price: Varies based on the preferred tools 

Many prosperous features are offered to you: business audit, listings managing, citation building, working with reviews from customers, and other beneficial opportunities. A free local SEO checklist would also work great to boost the visibility and online ranking of your website.

The Final Word About SEO Tools

Local SEO is crucial for your business if you want to increase the number of inline visitors who can potentially turn into customers. There are plenty of tools available out there; thus, it can be a little bit overwhelming for a newcomer in this sphere. However, we really hope that our article helped you to learn more about boosting your business by using local SEO. Thank you for tuning in; make sure to visit our website again to learn more about the digital marketing sphere.


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